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Experiences at Klahoose Wilderness Resort 

At Klahoose Wilderness Resort, we take care of every detail allowing you to slow down , smell the cedar, listen to the ocean, and be inspired by the natural beauty of our land and Indigenous culture. Our resort is a place to sit back and relax, but also to explore!

Whale Watching Boat Tours travel to remote, massive, thundering waterfalls, where we watch for marine life, such as harbour seals, porpoise, Orca and majestic humpback whales, led by our Indigenous Guides  Included in all packages from May to late August.

Grizzly Bear Viewing Tours in Toba Inlet are available from August 22 to October 23 and included in all packages.

To Learn more about our Grizzly Bear Viewing go here> 

Grizzly Bear Viewing at Klahoose Wilderness Resort 

In all seasons you will have immersive marine & terrestrial wildlife viewing where we enjoy seeing Orcas, Humpback Whales, Dolphins, Porpoises, Sealions, Seals, and Eagles.

Our Indigenous guides lead guests through activities such as storytelling, songs, cedar weaving, and excursions.


Guests can also enjoy sea kayaking, and stand-up paddle boarding! The use of kayaks, paddle boards, and safety equipment are included. Ocean swimming is also an enjoyable past-time (the waters are some of the warmest north of Mexico!) The use of the woodfire cedar sauna, located on the dock, warms up any evening for our guests.

Rainforest nature walks (guided or self-guided) are available nearby. We have an short hike to the point in front of the Resort , which has panoramic views of Homfray Channel and the Resort (30 minutes round-trip).

The Rainforest Hike (guided or self-guided) is an uphill hike into the remote rainforest, including some beautiful old-growth trees,  in the mountains behind the Resort  (1 to 2 hours round-trip).

Some other activities at the Resort are:


Foraging in the forest or ocean (pulling up prawn traps off our dock, or by boat) 

Ocean-swimming, as the ocean can reach up to 20c in the summer months. 

Off-the-grid tours - see how we generate our own hydro power and water at the resort with our sustainable micro hydro system that powers the entire resort. 

Wildlife & Wilderness Photography


Campfires & dark skies, stargazing, and bioluminescence!


Optional Tours

Depending on your interests and itinerary, you may have extra days at leisure to consider adding optional activities. 3-night packages do not offer extra time for options tours, but 4-nights will have an extra day to enjoy the resort at leisure, or add an optional tour. 

For an extra cost, you can hire Heli Adventures, Heli Paddle, Heli Glacier Walks, Heli Fly Fishing or Ocean Fishing Boat Charters. See the options for optional activities here.

View our seasons and packages: 

Randy Louie with guests
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