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History of
Klahoose Wilderness Resort 

Klahoose Wilderness Resort was originally erected in 2008 and was originally named Homfray Lodge after the channel where it is located. The resort is within the territory of the Klahoose First Nation and in proximity to our neighbours of the Homalco, Kwakiutl, and Tla’amin Nations.

Klahoose Wilderness Resort is off-the-grid, and does not have road access as it sits on the remote shores and calm waters of Homfray Channel (Thee chum mi yich – meaning further back inside), just north of the Desolation Sound Provincial Marine Park, the Sunshine Coast, and just south of Yekwamen (Toba Inlet).


Homfray Channel was named after a civil engineer Robert Homfray, Civil Engineer, b.1824 d, 1902.  Homfray attempted to find a better way to the Chilcotin Gold fields via Bute Inlet with the aid of the Klahoose Chief. 

Improvements were added to the wilderness lodge after 2011, including: a new  water filtration system, environmentally friendly septic system. hydro electric system, thanks to a river that runs through the property, with 24/7 power and back up generator. 

In 2017, the resort was re-imagined as an all-inclusive, eco-resort with stays including wilderness cruising, marine adventures, kayaking, yoga retreats and Klahoose First Nation grizzly bear viewing tours in Toba Inlet.

In 2020, Homfray Lodge was purchased by Qathen Xwegus Management Corporation (QXMC) , the Klahoose First Nation’s Economic Development Corporation and relaunched as new Klahoose Wilderness Resort. The BC Resort now offers immersive Indigenous cultural experiences alongside outdoor activities, such as kayaking, nature and wildlife viewing, and the Klahoose grizzly bear tours in nearby Toba Inlet.

The main lodge is constructed from massive cedar timbers and includes the dinner area and lounge area where guests can sit by the fire and relax after a day’s adventures.

In 2022 a massive dock for water sports and marine activities was added, and for the  2023 season woodfire sauna made from local cedar was introduced.

The resort offers two accommodation options, including Lodge Rooms or private cedar Cabins. The private cabins offer one and two bedroom options, while the Lodge Rooms are perfect for two guests. All accommodations have a private bathroom, and offer ocean views.

You must see it for yourself to truly experience the awe-inspiring beauty and natural wonder of the area. We absolutely love the Sunshine Coast, Desolation Sound, Toba Inlet, and our Klahoose Wilderness Resort, and we look forward to sharing it with you.

qʷaga hošt    
come on lets go...

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