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Klahoose Landscapes

Canadian Geographic Adventures

Immerse yourself in the heart of Klahoose Territory on the calm waters of Thee chum mi yich  and the craggy rocky walled fjord of Yekwamen, deep in the coastal rainforest of British Columbia. The ancient voices echo in the traditional Klahoose greeting welcoming newly arrived guests. The unparalleled visit is about to begin. One deep breath of the pure, energizing rainforest air has life's worries vanishing instantly. Senses suddenly awaken upon hearing the distant call of a majestic eagle as it soars above humpback whales as they surfaces along the water's calm surface.  Standing awestruck as a Grizzly Bear emerges from the Rainforest.


Since time immemorial, the toq qaymɩxʷ (Klahoose) People have lived here on the west coast of British Columbia.  We invite you to see the beauty of nature through our eyes, experience the best of our legendary hospitality and feel a deep connection through our shared traditions and stories.

Join us on a transformative journey as we we join our departures with CanGeo and the Royal Canadian Geographic Society as they bring experiences off the pages of Canadian Geographic magazine and into the field through Ambassador-led Canadian Geographic Travel Collection. A portion of every Canadian Geographic Adventure booked goes directly back into supporting important Canadian Geographic and RCGS programming and your stay at Klahoose Wilderness Resort supports a 100% Indigenous owned business. 

Travelling with purpose has never been so rewarding. 




Fred Cattroll

RCGS Travel Ambassador

May 21, 2023:

Fred Cattroll

 Professional Photographer, RCGS Fellow

The photography of Fred Cattroll is well known for its intimate human touch. Seductive in their simplicity, his pictures are subtle interplays of light and image, carrying forward messages of intelligence, honesty, and elegance. In many ways, Fred's unique photographic style is an extension of himself. Physically distinctive, at six-feet and seven-inches tall, he has a warm interpersonal manner that quickly puts people at ease.

While attending Carleton University School of Journalism, Fred discovered a passion for photography. This led him to Toronto's Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Still Photography.

His most recent work has focused on people: in corporations, communities and as individuals. In the past few years, Fred has branched out into video work.

Clients include corporations, government departments, arts organizations, non-governmental organizations and private citizens. Some of Cattroll Photo Associates' clients have been the National Arts Centre of Canada, National Ballet of Canada, CBC Newsworld, Assembly of First Nations, Rolex, Health Canada, National Defence, and Indian and Northern Affairs.

His work has been published in the Ottawa Citizen, New York Times, Washington Post, London Times, and Toronto Star. His work is also in the collection of the National Gallery, Canadian Museum of Photography, the National Arts Centre, and the Canadian Museum of Civilization.


Paul Zizka

RCGS Travel Ambassador


Russell Potter

RCGS Travel Ambassador

June 4, 2023:

Russell Potter, RCGS Fellow, Historian, Professor, Author

Internationally known for his books and lectures about the lost Franklin Arctic expedition of 1845, Russell Potter has been researching the history of the expedition and those who searched for it for more than 25 years. Russell is a strong advocate for Indigenous knowledge and believes history has varied viewpoints. Among his books are Arctic Spectacles: The Frozen North in Visual Culture (2007), Finding Franklin: The Untold Story of a 165-Year Search (2016), and (as editor) May We Be Spared to Meet on Earth: Letters of the Lost Franklin Arctic Expedition (2022). He is a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, a member of the Arctic Institute of North America, and teaches at Rhode Island College in Providence, Rhode Island (USA).


Aliya Jasmine

RCGS Travel Ambassador

RCGS Ambassador & Photographer Paul Zizka

October 8-12, 2023

From the peaks of the Canadian Rockies to iceberg-laden seas off the coast of Greenland, Paul’s journey to capture the “under-documented” is a testament to his passion for exploration, his creative vision and fierce sense of determination. These qualities, combined with his pursuit of fresh perspectives and a deep love for the landscape, have resulted in an ever-growing portfolio of cutting-edge images.

Whether it’s wading waist-deep into a glacier-fed lake or chasing auroras from dusk til dawn, Paul is known for an adventurous spirit that draws him to the extraordinary. Highlighting his collection are his signature self-portraits, epic mountaineering moments, dreamy astrophotography images, as well as a window into some of the most remote corners of the planet.

Paul’s images have been featured on countless book covers and in a variety of highly regarded publications, including National Geographic, Maclean’s, Alpinist, the Huffington Post, The Guardian, Canadian Geographic, Islands, PhotoLife, and explore magazine. His client list includes leading national and global brands such as Canon, Apple, Dell, Arc’Teryx, Panasonic and MEC. His book on aurora photography in the Canadian Rockies, Spirits in the Sky, was published in spring 2022. He is an honoured Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.

RCGS Ambassador & Producer Aliya Jasmine

October 15-19, 2023

Aliya Jasmine is an award-winning television host, producer, and environmental journalist (M.A.) You can currently watch her on various platforms for NBC News in Los Angeles. She is also the co-founder of the environmentally focused media production and climate research lab, LILI Media & Design Lab.

She was previously anchor of MTV News in Canada for over a decade, where she interviewed celebs including Tom Cruise and Adele — and has worked for or had stories appear on NBC, MTV and the Discovery Channel. Among the many shows she helped develop at MTV Canada, MTV IMPACT was a show for millennials about social and environmental issues that sent her on assignment around the world, and set the path for her career: from South Sudan after a civil war, to the heart of British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest to see first-hand the potential impacts of a proposed oil pipeline. She returned to the rainforest multiple times for various productions, and became one of the World Wildlife Fund’s “Canadians for the Great Bear.” Aliya is also the current TV Host for ‘The Mightiest’ on the Discovery Channel.


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Javier Frutos - Can Geo Ambassador-Water-Colour.jpg

RCGS Ambassador & Photographer

Javier Frutos

May 19, 2024

Carol Patterson - Ambassador-Water-Colour.jpg

RCGS Ambassador & Photographer

Carol Patterson

June 2, 2024

Scott Forsyth Ambassador-Water-Colour-OTA14-400x320.jpg

RCGS Ambassador & Photographer

Scott Forsyth

October 6, 2024

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