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Summer Season

Visiting Klahoose Wilderness Resort in Desolation Sound during the summer offers a unique and enchanting experience. Nestled in the remote and pristine wilderness of British Columbia, this eco-resort provides an intimate connection with nature and immersive Indigenous experinces. The summer months bring vibrant landscapes, perfect for exploring the lush forests, serene coastline, and abundant wildlife. Guests can enjoy kayaking through crystal-clear waters, hiking scenic trails, and participating in cultural tours that showcase the rich heritage of the Klahoose First Nation. The long daylight hours of summer allow for extended outdoor adventures and tranquil evenings watching the sunset, making it an ideal retreat for nature enthusiasts seeking tranquility and a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

Éy7á7juuthem language: 

qʷənɛs - whale 

nənqəm - Orca (killer whale) 

Packages are all-inclusive with all meals, tours, Indigenous activities like welcome ceremony, cedar weaving, transfers from Lund or Powell River, for 3 and 4 nights and include the Whale Watching Eco-Tour led by our Klahoose guides 

Summer Season:

  • Discover Klahoose packages: Thursday and Sunday arrivals from May to late August.

See packages for rates and more information below: 

Humpback Whale  breaching
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