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Klahoose Wilderness Resort

Meet The Team

Klahoose Wilderness Resort has a team who is passionate about Coastal British Columbia,

and we can't wait to share our home with you. 

Randy Louie

Klemkwateki - Randy Louie - Cultural Interpreter and  Guide

Kenny Hanuse

Ken Hanuse  Cultural Interpreter and  Guide


Leon Timothy-
  Cultural Interpreter and  Guide


Corol Delorme - Cultural Interpreter and Housekeeping 

Klahoose Wilderness Resort

Riley Harry - 
Cook and Cultural Interpeter

Chef Amir Cheikh

Chef Amir Cheikh

Our Team_edited.jpg

Justin Sweet -
Cultural Interpreter and Maitenance


Doug Schuetze - Skipper and Guide


 Macieji Szareck- Resort Manager

Pat Galligos

Pat Galligos - Bear Viewing Guide

Ben Lessard

Ben Lessard - Lead Bear Viewing Guide


Jerry Francis - Cultural Interpreter and Bear Guide 

Paul Muskee_edited.jpg

Ivan Rosypskye - Artist &
Cultural Interpreter

Norman Harry

Norman Harry Jr - Bear Viewing Guide

Roger Gillen - Skipper

Roger Gillen -
Skipper and Guide  

Leanne Bennie

Leanne Bennie - Reservations Coordinator

Paul Muskee_edited.jpg

Paul Muskee-
Operations Manager 

Klahoose Wilderness Resort - Tourism Man

Chris Tait-
Tourism Manager 

Homfray Channel

Klahoose Resorts Group

Lead by the Klahoose First Nation's Economic Development Corporation, Qathen Xwegus Management Corporation (QXMC), Klahoose Resorts tourism business encourage Klahoose's self-reliance and economic independence.  The business aligns with the Klahoose Nation's culture and traditions while protecting the territory and creating employment for the community and region.

Welcoming visitors to our territory brings opportunities and strengthens our Nation's framework of modern life.  We invest in tourism to have a bigger role in the management of our territory and to protect the environment with our sustainable practices.

Klahoose Wilderness Resort is an award winning eco resort located in British Columbia's Desolation Sound. Guests visit for all inclusive packages for wildlife, nature, and Indigenous culture.  

Gorge Harbour Marina Resort

Gorge Harbour Marina Resort is located at the entrance to Desolation Sound, on Cortes Island and offers a full- service marina, store, and services for both locals and visitors of Cortes Island, British Columbia. 

Klahoose Coastal Adventures is our grizzly bear guiding service located in Toba Inlet, British Columbia. 

Seasonal grizzly bear tours operate here with daily tours from Campbell River or with our guests from Klahoose Wilderness Resort. 

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