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Klahoose Wilderness Resort Guests

MAGICAL!!! Being there was powerful medicine! Nature, wildlife, swimming and kayaking, delicious meals, sauna, etc. but it was the staff that were the most memorable and touched my soul!
Thank you Klahoose for the memories!!!

Klahoose Wilderness Resort Guests

Our visit was a magical experience. Authentic indigenous ceremonies & teachings, outdoors and natural wonders were seamlessly weaved together. We were able to see grizzlies even in July, dolphins visited us twice and humpbacks put on a great show. I’ll never forget our boat ride to the turquoise waters of Toba Inlet. Enjoying the beautiful cedar sauna and swimming in the sparkling bioluminescence under the starry sky were truly special treats. Chef Amir would keep us going by creating delicious meals for us. We got our hearts and souls filled.

Klahoose Wilderness Resort Guests

Such a worthwhile, beautiful trip. The staff are above and beyond full of heart. Arriving to see quaint mini flower vases added a colorful touch, to how the food was prepared and plated felt like such a Michelin experience. Arriving with a stunning prepared charcuterie board to the last breakfast was delightful, aesthetically pleasing and tasteful filled with layers of colors, texture and yumminess! Being out on the water with local teachings was very meaningful and heartfelt. The host and cultural interpreters from the Nation and sister Nation were very caring, approachable, professional and with some belly aching laughs. Laughter is good medicine.

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