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Grizzly Bear Viewing Tours

Xawgəs or Grizzly Bear, return mid-August for the annual salmon run in Toba Inlet - a cycle that has taken place for a millennial on the traditional territory for the Klahoose First Nation people.

Éy7á7juuthem language: 

Xawgəs - Grizzly Bear 

Toba Inlet has some of the best bear viewing tours in British Columbia due to the consistency of viewing the bears, during the late summer/fall salmon run, and the intimate viewing experience.  

From Klahoose Wilderness Resort we travel about one hour by covered boat, past spectacular Toba Inlet waterfalls watching for marine life, before arriving at our dock in Toba Inlet. From here we take a short bus ride to our viewing platforms tucked away in the lush temperate rainforest of the Toba Valley along the glacier blue waters of a remote wilderness river. Our Klahoose Guides, trained bear guides with the Commercial Bear Viewing Association, will spend about 3 hours with the bears. We will get you as close to the grizzly bears as possible, while viewing from our fixed bear viewing platforms, safely and respectfully in the natural habitat of the grizzly bears. With six covered, raised viewing platforms, set along the river, we keep our groups small for the most intimate experience with the bears. Listen closely and you will  will hear their heavy breaths mingle with the rushing water - it is an exhilarating and truly amazing spectacle that only a select few will have the privilege of seeing.

Packages are all-inclusive with all meals, tours, and transfers, for 3 and 4 nights and include two grizzly bear viewing tours.

Grizzly Bear Viewing Season:

  • Grizzly Bears of Toba Inlet packages: Thursday and Sunday arrivals from:

    • August 22 to October 24, 2024 and

    • August 21 to October 23, 2025


Two Grizzly Bear Viewing Tours are included in each of the 3 and 4 night Grizzly Bears of Toba Inlet Packages. The 4 night package offers an extra day to experience Klahoose Wilderness Resort. See packages for rates and more information below: 

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