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We are honoured to be featured in the news and have collected some of the most recent news articles for you here. Some of the articles include Klahoose Wilderness Resort, other feature our grizzly bear tours in Toba Inlet or articles about the Klahoose First Nation.  

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Global Travel Media


July 30, 2021  - Carey McBeth

Coastal Experiences - BC Coastal Experiences and Desolation Sound 

BC Magazine


July 5, 2021  - Diane Selkirk

Taking Time for Indigenous Tourism


July 5, 2021  - Diane Selkirk

Ready to travel? Here are five beautiful new hotels opening in Canada in 2021. 

Daily Hive logo


June 22, 2021  - Cassandra Gill

Bucket List BC: 9 hotels and resorts you have to visit once in your life.

British Columbia is home to some of the most beautiful resorts in the world. From iconic glamping experiences to luxe hotels in the centre of our biggest city, here’s a list of bucket list hotels in BC to stay at once in your life.

BCAA Magazine Summer 2021


May 20, 2021 - Sheila Hansen

Latest travel story highlights B.C.'s newest Indigenous eco-retreat, Klahoose Wilderness Resort, in the spring/summer 2021 issue of BCAA Magazine.

QXMC Brix Marine Boat


May 13, 2021, BRIX

Port Angeles, WA – Boatbuilder Brix Marine (formerly Armstrong Marine USA) is currently constructing the 32’ x 12’ catamaran for the Qathen Xwegus Management Corporation (QXMC). QXMC is the business arm of the Klahoose First Nation, located on Cortes Island, B.C, Canada



April 16, 2021 - Rochelle Lash

Hotel Intel: Indigenous resort gives close-up view of B.C. wilderness.   Klahoose Wilderness Resort, an Indigenous-owned enterprise, expects to open in May and will operate according to the travel guidelines concierge-to-canada.png


April 16, 2021 - Claudia Laroye

Escape from Home with Indigenous Experiences for Summer. The Klahoose Nation will operate the new premier Indigenous destination resort of Klahoose Wilderness Resort in British Columbia’s Desolation Sound this summer. 

Stefano at Toba Inlet.jpg


March 18, 2021 - 48 minutes

Watch the episode, featuring chef and restaurateur Stefano Faita.  After a fascinating trip to the wild coasts of British Columbia, Stefano Faita and his daughter are staying at Klahoose Wilderness Resort, operated by the Klahoose, one of the three nations of that territory.  

CANADA'S National observer.jpg


March 26, 2021 - Rochelle Baker

B.C.’s Indigenous tourism operators betting on local markets



March 26, 2021 - Sandra Thomas

Klahoose Wilderness Resort under Indigenous stewardship. Standing on the large floating dock of Klahoose Wilderness Resort, formerly known as Homfray Lodge, I struggled to get the camera on my phone open as a large pod of Pacific White Sided dolphins flew past


March 29, 2021 - Rebecca Bollwitt

Over the last year I’ve spent every #TravelTuesday looking back at fond travel memories, and one that brings back visions of spectacular coastal scenery, feelings of relaxation and pure fun (with kayaking, boat trips to waterfalls, and grizzly bear photography) is has some really big news! 

The Globe and Mail logo


March 2, 2021 - Waheeda Harris

Staycation at these seven Canadian hotels opening this year
New hotels coming this spring and summer, from B.C.’s Klahoose Wilderness Resort, only accessible by boat or seaplane,


March 10, 2021

Indigenous Tourism Development Becomes a Driving Force for Klahoose Nation with the Acquisition of Klahoose Wilderness Resort



February 6, 2021 - Jim Byers

Situated along Homfray Channel in the temperate rainforest of BC’s Desolation Sound, Klahoose Wilderness Resort – newly acquired by the Klahoose First Nation – will open in May 2021.

Toronto Star


January 21, 2021 - Odette Auger

Rebuilding salmon stocks in the face of climate change


“Hatcheries are key and important, it’s returning back what we’ve taken,” she says. “If you take enough to feed us through the winter, it’s nice to be able to put it back.” Tina Wesley



January 12, 2021 - Cathrin Lührs


Fundsuck des Monats. Als abgelegen darf man dieses Schmucktuck wohl zu Recht bezeichnen. Das Klahoose Wilderness Resort liegt am Homfray Channel in British Columbia zwischen dem Desolation Sound Provincial Marine Park und dem Toba Inlet inmitten des Kustenregenwalds auf dem Gebiet der Klahoose First Nation.  Schon die Andreise ist eign Erlebnis, denn das Resort ist nur per Schiff oder Flugzeug erreichbar. Der Luxus dieses Hotels liegt nicht nur in der Anlage selbst sondern in der einzigartigen Lage, der Stille der kanadischen Natur und in den besonderen Erlebnissen, von denen man noch lange traumt.

Daily Telepgrah.JPG


December 29, 2020 - Nikki Bayley

"Stuck at home, I've travelled vicariously through Google Maps, tracing my mouse along the route from Vancouver to Lund, BC's Sunshine Coast before imagining the boat transfer to Klahoose Wilderness Resort in Desolation Sound. This new resort from the Klahoose First nation offers grizzly bear and orca watching, ocean and rainforest adventures and the change to explore the culture of the Klahoose Nation."

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Newsweek Magazine Article -Where We Are


December 23, 2020 - Kathleen Rellihan

Where We Are Dreaming of Traveling in 2021.


“Think wide-open spaces, small-group adventures and responsible back-to-nature trips. Playing it safe doesn't mean you can't get outside your comfort zone and have a novel adventure though."



November 24, 2020 - Jessica Prupas

These Indigenous women are reshaping Canada's tourism industry. 

"We like to tell visitors that they'll leave our program looking at the world in a different way"



November 16, 2020 - Jim Byers

The Resort aligns with the Klahoose Nation’s cultural and traditional values while protecting the territory and creating employment for the community.


“I was deeply touched at the moment I set foot on that site and strategically, this purchase lays our foundation upon which our tourism offer will lay”

ITBC news November 2020.JPG


November 18, 2020 - ITBC

Klahoose Nation Acquires Klahoose Wilderness Resort, formerly Homfray Lodge, in BC's Desolation Sound. 


Global Travel Media.JPG


November 18, 2020 - Global Travel Media

Indigenous tourism development becomes a driving force for Klahoose Nation with the recent acquisition of Klahoose Wilderness Resort in British Columbia’s Desolation Sound.



November 16, 2020, Qathen Xwegus Management Corporation

“Welcoming visitors to our territory and home brings opportunities and strengthens our Nation’s framework of modern life and aligns with our community vision for the future,” says Chief Kevin Peacey.



November 18, 2020 - Katya Potapova

"We are proud to steward the land that we are based on and excited to share the great news from the Klahoose Nation"

explore-mag-go here-encounters with griz


September 17, 2019 - Claudia Laroye

Go Here: Encounters with Grizzlies in Desolation Sound.

"We stand in silence, barely moving. Over the sound of rushing water, I strain my ears to listen for the crack of a twig, a rustle in the bushes near the river. Sounds that would indicate something large stirring nearby. Something like a grizzly bear."

Grizzly Daily Mail UK - Credit Wayne Duk


December 14, 2020 - Amelia Wynne

Get your paws off my dinner! Two 50-stone grizzly bears attack each other in a vicious battle over the right to fish salmon in Canadian river

Vancouver Sun Image


November 09, 2020 - Tom Jamieson

Beauty and the bears in Toba Valley - a B.C. love story

Toronto Star


December 19, 2020 - Odette Auger

As their community went into COVID lockdown, this family hunted for elk with their ancestors watching over

Everthing Zoomer.JPG


October 30, 2018 - Susan Nerberg

The timber frame Klahoose Wilderness Resort blends wilderness chic and great food to create a warm and welcoming home away from home. 

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