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Klahoose Wilderness Resort

Preparing to Go

Now that you have booked  your stay, you are one step closer to the natural beauty of Desolation Sound and the services here at Klahoose Wilderness Resort. To help you prepare your adventure we've compiled some frequently asked questions, helpful tips and information to help you plan your arrival, departure and more. 

Please click on this link to download our Welcome Letter with important information to help you plan your stay here:

Welcome to Klahoose Wilderness Resort

Need more information. We are here to help. Please contact us.

A few notes about our home...

ʔi:mot tətᶿ kʷənome It’s good to see you! 

Welcome to the traditional Klahoose Nation territory, which extends from Yekwamen (yɛkʷamɛn) or Toba Inlet to the northern islands of the Salish Sea and Desolation Sound. Our resort lies within the territory of the Klahoose Nation and in proximity to its sister Nations: the Homalco, Kwakiutl, and Tla’amin. Our Nation’s permanent community resides in Squirrel Cove, on Cortes Island.  
Your comfort is important to us. We aim to provide a service standard that reflects our natural, authentic ways, and to offer our guests a memorable experience. We believe that we are only one aspect in the great diversity of life on the land. Since time immemorial, we have used formal protocol to acknowledge our surroundings, which was meant to honour our spiritual beliefs. This acknowledgment includes or specifies water, ancestors, animals, and plant life, all of which are considered to be alive and therefore having a “spirit.” Our ancestors knew and believed that everything in nature is connected, that nothing can exist in the environment for, or by itself as everyone and everything depends on one other.  
We are honoured to welcome you to our home. 

Thank you ~ č̓ɛč̓ɛhaθɛč

Klahoose Wilderness Resort
Klahoose Wilderness Resort - boat departing Lund

Arrival & Departures


“Lund, BC, Where the road ends and Desolation Sound begins” 

Please meet us in outside, in front of The Lund Resort at Klah ah men hotel lobby entrance at 2:30 pm with your luggage; we will assist with your bags to the marina and our boat. Our boat is scheduled to depart at 3:00 pm.  

The Lund Resort at Klah ah men, 1436 Highway 101, Lund, BC V0N 2G0 
(Please note that the Lund Resort is currently closed, but the main lobby entrance doors are still the a great place to meet)
If you find yourself delayed or unable to find our staff in Lund please contact us: 

Reservations: +1 250 935 8539  (9:00am-5:00pm, Monday to Friday) 

Klahoose Wilderness Resort: +1 604-414-1904 (outside office hours) Please note this is a Satellite Phone, direct to the resort and only available during the season May-October. 

If you have any other requests, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 1 250-935-8539. 

We encourage you have lunch before boarding as it takes about one hour to the resort and your next meal will be served between 6-7:00 pm.

In Lund, we recommend Nancy’s Bakery, the Boardwalk Restaurant, or the 101 Bar & Grill at The Lund Resort at Klah Ah Men.   

You may want to visit the Stockpile Market for any last-minute supplies, a deli and local arts and crafts. 

For more information on Lund, including a map please visit: or Sunshine Coast Tourism for visitors information. 


Pre-arranged road transfer between Powell River Airport (YPW) and Lund are available and are complimentary. These transfer must be booked in advance and meet only one Pacific Coastal Airlines flights. 

The transfer by road takes about 45 minutes.

The transfers will meet the Pacific Coastal Airlines arrival, from Vancouver South Terminal (YVR) arriving in Powell River (YPW) "mid-day" between 11:30am and 12:30 depending on airlines seasonal scheduled. We return guests to Powell River Airport for mid-day or early evening flight or later, again depending on seasonal airline schedule. Flight schedules are subject to change so please check with us before making flight arrangement.  

On your departure day our boat will return you to Lund between 11:00am and 12:00pm (not early). Early transfers are available for an extra cost. 


We can also arrange for pick-ups/drop-offs at any Powell River area accommodation. 

Transfers between Powell River and Lund are operated by Coast Taxi.  The driver will have your names and meet you upon arrival. 


Check out of Klahoose Wilderness Resort is after breakfast at about 10:00am. Arrive back to Lund at approximately 11:30am-12:00pm.

Parking is available in Lund. At the Lund Marina, adjacent to the Lund Resort, parking can be paid locally for about $10 per day (subject to change) in the marina parking meters.  


Klahoose WIlderness Resort
Toba Inlet Waterfalls

Before you Leave Home

Mandatory guest information

Please ensure that you have provide us with the most up to date contact information including your in-travel contact information and your arrival and departure details. To complete your Guests Details you may login here.

See How to Get Here for more information on planning arrivals and departures  


Because of the nature of the activities in which our guests commonly participate in, all guests are required to sign a Guest Participant Release which is available in your guest details link or when you arrive at the resort. Minors must have a parent or legal guardian sign the waiver on their behalf.  A copy of the waiver can be available to you upon written request to Klahoose Wilderness Resort.   

Special dietary needs

Your stay includes all meals starting with dinner on day of arrival to breakfast on the day of departure. Meals are served are a set menu and while we can carter to most specialty diets and requirements we must be notified at least 45 days in advance of your stay. As a remote lodge, only accessible by boat and seaplane we will have limited availability to customize your meal will you are staying with us. If you have not already done so, please advise us of any dietary requirements or allergies that we should be aware of. 

While your stay is inclusive of meals and snack and house/wine beer with dinner your room has a fridge so feel free to bring your own extra snacks for room. 

Packing tips 

Temperatures differ depending on the season and time on the boats or the resort. While, all our boat tours are travelling 'dock to dock' and our boats are all covered and heated anytime you are on the water it can be much cooler. For more in weather see our Weather page. 


We recommend dressing in layers and for comfort. Dress is casual at the resort.   

•    Comfortable pants
•    Shorts
•    Lightweight jacket or rain jacket

Lightweight but warm jacket or layers for Spring/Fall stays
•    Good walking shoes

Note: You must have closed toed shoes for grizzly bear viewing tours. Flat-soled shoes with grip to help keep you steady with the movement of the boats. While we don't have any major walking or hiking included, we only suggest you only bring hiking shoes or boots if you plan the optional steep rainforest hike behind the resort. ​

•    Casual shoes or sandals

•    Wool Sweater or midweight fleece jacket
•    Bathing suit (yes the ocean water is warm enough to swim and we have a sauna!)
•    Sunglass, Sunhat or warm hat, Sunscreen
•    Binoculars (we also have some you may use)

•    A good book 
•    Bug repellent - we don't have many bugs here on the coast but some evenings the repellant is nice to have

•    Personal toiletries and medication (sunscreen, lip balm, Gravol/motion sickness medication)
•    Small backpack or daypack
•    Camera (Please consider enough memory cards as uploading image as a back-up is not possible due to the slower internet)
•    Personal devices like tablets or cell phone with chargers Note there is no cell coverage, but we have Wi-Fi and a phone.

•    Please note we do not have a store or bank machine so please consider bringing any cash for extra gratuities and also any other personal items with you for the duration of your stay

•    We provide each guests with your own Klahoose Wilderness Resort water bottle that you can take home

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend that you obtain travel insurance including cancellation and medical coverage. Please purchase travel insurance through your travel professional or insurance provider. 

Luggage information

We do not have any luggage allowance for our trips or travel on our boats. We meet you in Lund and will assist you with your luggage from the meeting area to the marina and our boat. If you are flying by schedule flight or seaplane please check  each airline of their specific luggage allowance.  

Klahoose Landscapes_Resort Guests Social Size-6.jpg
Klahoose Wilderness Resort

At the Resort

WATER – Yes! You can drink it from the tap 
From that same freshwater source that we get our hydro power, we also get our fresh drinking water, and it is the best! The water is collected through another intake and is filtered, treated daily, and tested regularly as required by the BC Health Authority standards and regulations. 

A small selection of house wine and beer are available during meals are included in the package. Klahoose Wilderness Resort also has a selection of premium wine and beer for purchase. You are welcome to bring your own additional alcoholic beverages to be consumed in your room or cabin.  

Gratuity are included in the package, as a Service Fee and already included on your invoice. Gratuities are shared among the staff. Should you wish to leave a little extra appreciation for your service staff, we welcome you to use the envelope in this binder and hand it to the manager for the staff tip-sharing pool.   
The Klahoose ancestors have managed this legacy of natural resources, honoring, and protecting the environment and its inhabitants for millennia. Their investment is committed to the preservation, conservation, and protection of our ocean, wilderness, marine, and terrestrial life as well as the local people. 
A conservation fee is included in your package. Our partnership with the Commercial Bear Viewing Association helps develop industry standards, bear guide training, and ongoing research to protect bear and wildlife habitat. Funds from this conservation license fee are distributed to the Commercial Bear Viewing Association and the Grizzly Bear Foundation.  

You are welcome to take photos, however we ask that you please ask your Cultural Interpreter’s permission if you wish to post their image or their oral history presentation including songs and stories on social media. Should you have questions or comments in terms of sensitive historic matters, please feel free to talk with our manager who is more than willing to help support this dialogue. 


If you wish to share a positive experience at the Klahoose Wilderness Resort, or have some amazing photos of our region, you can post your images and comments directly on our social media pages: Trip Advisor, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.  

Please tag us at #ExploreKlahoose, #KlahooseResort and #KlahooseWildernessResort

There is no cell phone coverage at Klahoose Wilderness Resort. We do have a satellite Wi-Fi phone in the main lodge. This phone is used primarily for emergency service and contacting our head office. However, you are welcome to use it if you feel the need to make a call, just let us know!    
Our satellite Wi-Fi router is in the main lodge and the connection is usually best in that area as the further you get away from it the spottier the connection.  
We kindly request that you refrain from downloading, or backing up images or large files, or streaming video or posting videos to your social media.  This slows down the connection as our limited bandwidth becomes overloaded.  Please do post images during your stay and save the videos for later!  

There are several souvenir and artisan items available for purchase with credit card. Note we do not have any store at the resort.  

There is no smoking permitted onboard the vessels or in any of the rooms, balconies, or common areas. Smoking is only permitted in designated outdoor areas on land. 

Housekeeping is on request during your stay. Should you require fresh or extra towels or blankets, just let us know. If you require a hair dryer during your stay, just ask one of our staff. 

Our guest soap bars are hand made locally and contain nothing but pure, organic products. These and other locally made soaps are available in our Gift Shop in the Main Lodge. Our environmentally mindful dispensers for liquid shampoo, conditioner and body wash are the Nourish Green Tea and Lemongrass Brand blends. Black face cloths are for your make up removal to avoid staining of our white towels.  
Our signature bath robes are available for purchase. Outdoor dock and swim towels as well as evening blankets are available in the Main Lodge. Kindly do not take any linens or room towels for outside use. 

Kayaking at Klahoose Wilderness Resort

Included Tours

At Klahoose Wilderness Resort, we take care of every detail allowing you to slow down , smell the cedar, taste the ocean and be inspired by the natural beauty of our land and Indigenous culture. Its is a place to sit back and relax, but also explore. Here are a few of the adventures included in packages and more ways  to be explore.



The Toba Inlet boat tours are included for eveyone from opening in May to late August. View the natural beauty of Toba Inlet with high mountain peaks, glacier blue water and massive thundering waterfalls. Watching for marine life such as humpback whales, Orca, dolphins, seals, eagles.  This tour is led by our Klahoose guides.  This tours is scheduled for day 2 of your stay and is 4-5 hours. 

Included in Eco-Adventure Tour: 

  • Lunch, drinks and snacks

  • Wildlife viewing

  • Onboard Indigenous Guide 

  • Covered and heated boats

  • Onboard washrooms on all of our boats

  • Re-usable water bottles provided

What to bring: Extra warm - especially if you like to spend time on the outdoor deck, enclosed footwear, camera, binoculars...sense of adventure!


These tours are included from August 24 to October 19 and we include 2 days of tours. This tour travel by boat to Toba Inlet, past waterfalls and spectacular landscapes, before we arrive at our dock in Toba Inlet. Here we board our min-bus and drive to our raised wooden viewing platforms to watch the grizzly bears.  These tours are schedule for day 2 and 3 of your package and is about 6-7 hours with about 3 hours watching the bears. 

Included in Eco-Adventure Tour: 

  • Lunch, drinks and snacks

  • Boat from the resort to our dock in Toba Inlet - 1 hour with wildlife viewing 

  • Mini-bus transfer from our Toba Inlet dock to our viewing platforms

  • Platform viewing from our raised and covered wooden platforms - approximately 3 hours of viewing the grizzly bears  

  • Indigenous Guide trained with the Commercial Bear Viewing Association of BC  

  • Covered and heated boats

  • Onboard washrooms on all of our boats and outhouse at Toba Inlet dock area (Note: there is no washroom during our 3 hours at the viewing towers) 

  • Re-usable water bottles provided

What to bring: Extra clothing, enclosed footwear are mandatory, camera, binoculars...sense of adventure! 

Please do not bring any tripod, however a monopod is okay. Please do not use perfume or bring any food during the bear tours.

We are going to view wildlife in their natural habit. We cannot predict what we will see. 

Klahoose Wilderness Resort Boat Tours
Kayaking at Klahoose Wilderness Resort

More Resort Activities



  • Guided Indigenous story telling, songs, cedar weaving, cultural activities & excursions (various activities are included during your stay)

  • Sea kayaking - use of kayaks and safety equipment is included for self-guided adventures

  • Paddle boards and equipment are available for self-guided calm ocean paddles right from the dock

  • Ocean swimming (the waters are some of the warmest north of Mexico!)

  • Sauna - Our new woodfire cedar sauna, located on the dock 


  • Rainforest nature walks (guided or self-guided).  An easy hike to the point in front of the lodge offering panoramic views of Homfray Channel and the Resort. (30 minutes round-trip) 

  • Rainforest Hike (guided or self-guided). This is a  uphill hike into the remote rainforest behind the lodge. (1 to 2 hours round-trip) 

  • Foraging in the forest or ocean (pulling up prawn traps off our dock, or by boat) 


  • Off-the-grid - see how we generate our own clean energy with hydro power and generate power and collect water for the resort 


  • ​Campfires & dark skies, stargazing and bioluminescence! You are in the middle of the British Columbia coastal rainforest - no light pollution! 

Optional Activites

Depending in your interests and itinerary, you may have extra days at leisure to consider adding optional activities, for an extra cost, such as the Heli Adventures, Heli Paddle, Heli Glacier Walks, Heli Fly Fishing or Ocean Fishing Boat Charters. See the list of options activities below. Note these rates are subject to change, please check for the most update to date rates and availability.  


At Klahoose Wilderness Resort we offer both ocean fishing and Heli-fly fishing as an optional tours that may be added to stay. We use experienced, local contract fishing guides, who operate their own vessels for ocean fishing, professional fly-fishing guides for heli-fly fishing.


Guided Fishing Charters 

Saltwater fishing charters with experience local fishing guides who operate their own vessels. Professional guided, all equipment, safety gear and fish cleaning provided. Saltwater Fishing License required. 

Rate: from $2,185 per boat plus tax  (up to 5 guests per boat, 2 fishing)

Duration: Full Day

Heli-Fishing Day

 Spend the day with a professional fishing guide in the Coast Mountain rivers surrounding the resort.  With a helicopter your pilot and guide will find the perfect private spot to cast your line. For all levels of anglers, professionally guided, fishing gear and lunch are included.  BC Fishing license not included. 

Heli-Fly-Fishing Rate: from $2,159 per person plus tax /Half Day

Heli-Fly-Fishing Rate: from $2,855 per person plus tax/Full Day


The only thing more spectacular to being on the water, is having a 360-degree viewing of the glacier fjords of Desolation Sound and the snow-covered peaks of the coastal mountain range from a helicopter.  This remote area of the British Columbia Coast, Salish Sea, Desolation Sound, Toba Inlet and the Coast Mountain range is a remote and wild place that very few ever get to see. Helicopter charters are customized to your interest and guided by weather and pick up at the Resort.

Glacier Helicopter Tour 

Experience helicopter tour over the wild Coast Mountain Glaciers. Fly above the resort into some of the most remote inlets of BC and access the Coast Mountain range in an amazing way.  Includes a 30 minute mountain top landing.

Rate: from $1,385 per person plus tax /One Hour with landing

Rate: from $2,195 per person plus tax /Two Hours with landing

Heli Glacier Walk

From the resort you will fly to the remote peaks and stunning glaciers of BC's Coastal ranges by air and then by foot. The short glacier traverse to a glaciated mountain top can only be described using superlatives.  The equipment and certified guides are provided so you can focus on the awe-inspiring views provide by some if the last truly remote wilderness on the planet. 

Rate: from $2,595 per person plus tax 

Duration: Half Day Tour 


Helicopter to the top of the mountains that surround the Resort and hike some of the most remote areas of the BC Coast with a certified alpine guide. Hiking is from easy to advanced.

Rate from $1,995 per person plus tax / Half Day 

Rate: from $2,365 per person plus tax/ Full Day 

Heli-Paddle Day

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Fly to the jaw-dropping peaks surrounding the Resort and either kayak or stand up paddle on some of the oldest glaciers in BC. The glacier lake adventure is guided by a certified Paddle Canada Guide.

Rate: from $2,595 per person plus tax

Duration Half Day Tour

Helicopter Glacier Paddle

Sample Itinerary

DAY 1 


After days of travel it's best to come to your ocean side accommodations and relax!


The ancient voices echoed in a traditional Klahoose greeting welcomes newly arriving guest. The unparalleled visit is about to begin. Spend the evening as your senses suddenly awaken to the forest, wildlife and calm waters. Dinner this evening at the Resort.


DAY 2 



Today you will explore Yekwamen (yɛkʷamɛn) or Toba Inlet with your Klahoose guide. The inlet has been the home of the Klahoose people since time before memory. This is one of the principle inlets on the BC coast. Toba Inlet is relatively short in comparison to other major coastal inlets with an average with 2.5 km and length only about 35 km.  The inlet is flanked by tower glacier peaks with several major cascading waterfalls.  We are watching for wildlife including Grizzly Bears, Black Bears, Humpback Whales, Orca, Dolphins, Eagles and seabirds.  



Today we will travel spectacular Toba Inlet by boat, passing waterfalls and watching for marine life. Once we reach our dock in Toba Inlet we travel by mini-bus along a gravel logging road to our viewing platforms.  From here we take a short bus ride to our viewing platforms tucked away in the lush temperate rainforest of the Toba Valley along the glacier blue waters of a remote wilderness river. Our Klahoose guides, trained bear guides with the Commercial Bear Viewing Association, will spend about 3 hours with the bears and will get you as close to the grizzly bears as possible, while viewing from our fixed bear viewing platforms, safely and respecting the natural habitat of the grizzly bears. With six covered bear and raised viewing platforms, set along the river, we keep our groups small for the most intimate experience with the bears. Listen closely and you will  you will hear their heavy breaths mingle with the rushing water - it is an exhilarating and truly amazing spectacle that only a select few will have the privilege of seeing.


Return to the resort this afternoon to relax and enjoy the resorts amenities. 

DAY 3 & 4  


These days will allow for time to explore back at the resort with the Klahoose cultural interpreters, kayaking, paddle boarding, ocean swimming, nature walks, ocean foraging. You'll be able to relax and enjoy the wilderness and the lodge amenities and surrounding rainforest and calm ocean.


Departure Day 

Final morning send off with breakfast.  

On our last half day we'll have a group breakfast and coffee, then pack up our rooms and begin our journeys home. 


You'll have your float planes or water taxi service ready to take you back in the morning after your immersive experience in nature, culture and adventure.

When you return home

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Thank you ~ č̓ɛč̓ɛhaθɛč

If you have any other requests, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at +1 250-935-8539 or email

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