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Grizzly Bear Salmon Run Photo Tour

A Klahoose Indigenous Cultural Experience

Klahoose Territory, British Columbia Canada


Grizzly Bear Photography Tour Dates:

September 22-26, 2024

September 21-25, 2025 

Chase Teron - Grizzly Bear Toba Inlet

Visiting British Columbia is dream experience for world travellers looking for nature and adventure. The salmon run season is the best time for viewing and photographing Xawgəs - Grizzly Bears - on the BC Coast. 


Yekwamen (Toba Inlet), on the edge of the Great Bear Rainforest is the southern most point for grizzly bear viewing and one of the best places for bear viewing due to the remote location, intimate viewing area and consistent ability to see the bears.


Yekwamen remote inlet is within the Klahoose First Nation territory and tours are led by Indigenous guides along with your full time professional photographers who have in-field editing and  instruction.  


  • Xawgəs - Grizzly Bears fishing in the Turquoise Rivers of Toba Inlet during morning hours with extended time to ensure you capture the best grizzly moments

  • Orca, Humpbacks and Waterfalls 

  • The Klahoose Indigenous Culture

  • World Class Indigenous Lodge Experience for up to 12 Guests  

  • World Class Photography Instruction for Hobbyists to Professionals

  • In Field Techniques to create award winning and print worthy photographs

  • Editing instruction with Lightroom & Photoshop while at the lodge



Visiting coastal British Columbia, Canada is a dream experience for many world travellers who are looking for nature, adventure and Indigenous cultural experiences.


We have all three: nature, adventure and culture packed into 4 incredible days.

The salmon run season is the best time for viewing and photographing Grizzly Bear on the BC Coast so you can be confident you will get incredible photography opportunities.


Yekwamen remote inlet within the Klahoose First Nation traditional territory and tours are led by Indigenous guides; this special adventure will also be accompanied by your local professional photography instructors: Chase, Jenni and Tyler.


What's the difference between a regular tour and the photography tour?

Your three professional photography guides will help you capture the best photographs of grizzly bears by instructing you before we get to the bears, while in the field (techniques, settings, composition) and helping you with editing while enjoying our luxury lodge stay.

Our photography guides will ensure you are strategically positioned to anticipate bear behaviour and give you the best chances to produce the most beautiful shots. In addition to extended viewing, or flexibility to go between viewing platforms for the most photogenic shots versus just seeing or viewing a grizzly encounter. 

This custom, unique access is the secret behind those breathtaking grizzly shots! 


Powell River or Lund is the starting point to British Columbia's best wildlife viewing opportunities, especially during the months of late August to mid October. This is salmon run season and the best season for viewing and photographing Grizzly Bears in and near the Great Bear Rainforest. 


You will make your way from Powell River to Toba Inlet where we can witness stellar sea lions, orcas, humpbacks, porpoises and breathtaking seasonal waterfalls which cascade down the mountainsides through the rainforest into the ocean inlets.


"The Klahoose Territory is one of the most incredibly beautiful places in Canada and on our planet. Within Toba Inlet, you will experience the Klahoose cultural way of life, grizzly bears in turquoise waters fishing for salmon and learn photography from world class photographers... all the while staying at the luxury Klahoose Wilderness Resort. 

 Be prepared to see waterfalls cascading from mountainsides, orcas, humpbacks and of grizzlies!"

Chase Teron - your photography guide and instructor

Camera Gear Recommendations

Any camera you have is great! But for those serious photographers here's the list based on proximity:

1. Mirrorless or Full Frame for highest quality imagery, fastest frame rates

2. Lens Focal Lengths Long  (400mm or 500mm or 600mm)  plus 1.4x Extender - What's your goal? Portraits? Action Shots? - great for whales as we cannot get super close to them unless they approach us.

3. Lens Focal Length Mid Range (70mm to 400mm) - Zoom option like a 70-200mm or a 100-400mm or a 100-500mm

4. Lens Focal Length Wide (24-70mm) Think animal-scapes, small animal in a big beautiful scene 

5. No drones are allowed around wildlife and at the lodge - only permitted for certified advanced professionals with proper approvals

6. Polarizers may be useful with some of the later morning moments and for the waterfalls

"The most common range, I, Chase shoot at is 560mm. I have a 400mm f/2.8 with a 1.4x extender. But 600mm or close to 800mm would be nice when the Bears are fishing. When I put on my 2x teleconverter my 400mm get's me to 800mm which is how this shot immediately below was captured. I have had moments where my 200mm was too tight so just cover your basis. An all around zoom lens can do the trick like a Canon 100-400 or a Canon 100-500mm. The most important thing we can do is shoot with our desired lens and adapt on the fly if needed but the most important thing is to not change lens but change what outcome we desire."


-Chase, Your Photography Guide

Photo Tours-8811.jpg


Day By Day Itinerary 

Grizzly Bear Salmon Run Photo Tour


Day 1


After days of travel it's incredible to come to your ocean side accommodations and relax!


The ancient voices echoed in a traditional Klahoose greeting welcomes newly arriving guests. Spend the evening as your senses suddenly awaken to the forest, wildlife and calm waters. Dinner this evening is at the Resort.

Great Room at Klahoose Wilderness Resort

Day 2, 3 & 4


This day we will have grizzly photography all morning, followed by lunch on the boat while we view the waterfalls, eagles, orcas, humpbacks, and stellar sea lions.


We can move to different viewing platforms, set along the remote wilderness river, with the ability to move depending on where the bears are and what they are doing.


We will coordinate with our guides to ensure you have the best photography experience possible!


This is what truly sets this photo tour apart compared to regular tours. Your photography guides will be shooting alongside you and helping you get in the best possible position.


In the afternoons we will have time to explore back at the resort with our Cultural interpreters. Guests can enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding, ocean swimming, nature walks. Additionally, there will be further education and photography opportunities as well as editing sessions.


Then you'll be able to relax and enjoy the lodge amenities!


PS. Even if you're not a photographer... this will be the ultimate viewing experience and when others are editing at the lodge, you can enjoy stand up paddle boarding, yoga, foraging, and all the other lodge amenities listed below.


Klahoose Wilderness Resort - Photo Tour
Grizzly Bear Viewing platform in Toba Inlet
Klahoose Wilderness Resort Guests Photos

Day 5


On our last half day we'll have a group breakfast and coffee, then pack up our rooms and begin our journeys home. 

At this point, you'll have award winning and print worthy images of grizzlies fishing for salmon, and swimming in the turquoise waters! 


Your float plane or water taxi service will be ready to take you back in the morning after your trip packed with nature, culture and adventure photography! 

Charcuterie on the deck


Chase Teron Portrait

Chase Teron

Jenni Lisacek Portrait

Jenni Teron

Klahoose Wilderness Resort

Tyler Cave

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Jenni and Chase are full time wildlife & nature photographers and instructors and founders of Artica Photo Tours. They take nature lovers to remote and wild regions of our planet on photo adventures to swim with Orcas in Norway, sail in Greenland, walk with Polar Bears in Svalbard, explore Iceland as well as explore the Canadian sub-arctic and arctic. 

"We are extremely excited to meet you and show you around our home of British Columbia with the Klahoose Territory as our partners. This photo tour will provide you with THE BEST possible experiences for photographing grizzlies and the incredibly gorgeous Toba Inlet."

-Jenni Teron

Tyler Cave is full time videographer and photographer who specializes in nature, adventure and travel. He has been all around the world shooting for major international clients and is extremely passionate about photographing around his home in British Columbia.

"There's nothing better than the Klahoose Territory when it comes to grizzly viewing opportunities and potential wildlife sightings in the most beautiful habitat in British Columbia. I'm excited to share my videography and photography knowledge with you to document your amazing experience here."

-Tyler Cave

Klahoose Wilderness Resort



Grizzly Bear Viewing in Toba Inlet

September 22-26, 2024

September 21-25, 2025

$7,785 CAD per person (based on double occupancy. Plus fees and taxes

This package has limited availability. To book please contact us to complete your reservation OR use the form at the bottom of the page.


Contact us for any other questions you may have. 

Package Includes >

  • 4 nights - Accommodations at Klahoose Wilderness Resort in Lodge Rooms or Cabins with private washroom and ocean views (all rooms have an ocean view!)

  • Grizzly Bear Viewing Tours in Toba Inlet: Three tours included, each tour is about 6 hours including the boat tour from the resort to our dock in Toba Inlet and 3 hours on land viewing the bears from our platforms with Indigenous guides

  • Three professional photo guides with in wildlife photographer lessons through your stay 

  • All tuition, individual post-processing sessions 

  • All meals from dinner on arrival to breakfast on departure with house wine or beer with dinners 

  • Activities such as Indigenous storytelling, cedar weaving, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, ocean swimming, forest walks, ocean foraging

  • Use of Resort Amenities: great room lounge, free Wi-Fi, satellite phone, large deck, dock area with woodfire sauna, campfire area, kayaks, paddle boards, rainforest walking trails

  • Covered boat transfer from Lund, BC to the Desolation Sound and the Resort (45 minutes). An optional land shuttle is available from Powell River Airport to Lund  - where the boat leaves for the Resort


Not Included Camera gear rentals, alcoholic beverages (except when included with dinners), gratuity, travel from your home to Lund or Powell River. 

SEPT 22-26, 2024
SEPT 21-25, 2025

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